Tailored solutions to meet your operations, maintenance, capital projects and hard facilities management needs.

Our expertise, technologies and commitment to results and performance, guarantee and long-term partnership that adds value to your activities.

Aqua Operations

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Tailored solutions to meet your operations, maintenance, capital projects and hard facilities management needs.

New Builds

We have a track record in delivering new build projects ranging in value from small to large scale design-and-build schemes.


We have extensive industry expertise, wide-ranging capabilities and specialist knowledge, as well as a highly effective partnership approach.


Aqua Operations provides a comprehensive industrial maintenance service portfolio across most industry sectors.


We have the expertise to design and implement an improvement plan that will enhance the performance, productivity, reliability and compliance of your facilities under our management, using tried and tested methodology.

Asset Care

Aqua Operation’s asset care service offers customers flexibility by providing the exact service you need throughout the lifecycle of your facility.

Hard Facility Management

We deliver either a stand-alone service or a comprehensive suite of services dependant on your needs and requirements.

About Aqua Operations

We are a market disruptor, with a proven track record. The old ways don't work for everyone, everywhere in every situation. We want to find new ways, we often do. Our model works. We’re not a ‘traditional FM company,’ we’re all about solutions. The Aqua Group has a proven track record in the Municipal Water, Gas, Environmental and Industrial Sectors.

We don't look for short term profit. We look to ‘do the right thing’, for the customer and for the environment, in the belief that this will bring about long-term trust and partnerships. These partnerships allow the partners to grow the model together, make it unique to them and this will deliver long term, mutual benefits. This works when we find the right people and companies who share our vision, with expertise that spans numerous industrial sectors to share our best practice. 

We take our responsibility seriously; successfully managing, operating and maintaining numerous assets, equipment and processes for our clients in addition to providing more traditional advice and Consulting models.

Aqua Operations specialise in:

  • Outsourced operations and maintenance
  • Plant and equipment servicing 
  • Emergency support for operations for when you need it (operational plant cover, maintenance, compliance risks)
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Audits, diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Refurbishments / upgrades of existing facilities
  • Design / build of extensions or new facilities
  • Equipment and related services
  • Mobile treatment units
  • Technical assistance to operations
  • Laboratory and analytical services
  • Gas to grid and biogas engines
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy and Training


Water Resources

Process Water

Wastewater / Effluent

Sludge and By-products

Water Resources

  • Boreholes
  • Surface water intakes
  • Desalination of sea or brackish water
  • Protection and management of the quantity of quality of water resources
  • Alternative or emergency supplies
  • Reuse

Process Water

  • Industrial water
  • Pure water
  • Ultra-pure water
  • Physico-chemical and membrane technologies
  • Protection: scaling, deposition, corrosion and biological control
  • Recycling

Wastewater / Effluent

  • Flow separation
  • Psysico-chemical treatments
  • Aerobic and anaerobic biological treatments
  • Specialist treatments (hydrocarbons, nitrogen, phorphorus)
  • Reuse of wastewater
  • Treatment of third-party effluents

Sludge and By-products

  • Reduction of sludge volume
  • In-situ treatment: digestion, dehydration, drying
  • Sludge disposal and waste management
  • By-products recovery